There can just never be enough AHS gif posts,like seriously
g0o0o0o0dvibes asked:

Damn , your blog is freaking perf! Only thing that I kiiiind of dislike is url cause it’s too long lol, but seriously, looooove your pics! FOLLOWED 

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Anonymous asked:
How many followers do you have?

Not many,but enough for me hahah,1.100

bemyunbreakableheart asked:
Can you please rate my blog or just leave me a coment about it?

Hey! :-)

Well I like your url and posts (I’m not a huge fan of text posts oops,but alright hahah,pics are really nice) and everything else seems nice, but the only thing I dislike is the theme background (the 3 pictures) because the pics repeat and I think either 1 picture similar to those or just a simpler one, this way it’s kind of too crowded for me :) 

By  Ben Fohrer on flickr
morphine-mermaid asked:

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URL: 10/10

ICON: 7/10

POSTS:9 /10

MY OPINION: 8/10 ; Cute blog!

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